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Register body of the C.R.B (Criminal Records Bureau for Disclosure)
NSPCC/CPSU Endorsed Child Protection Policy
Approved youth group. Examiners of GCSE for karate for schools
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Kyoshi Klus has also been training over 40 years, and is the 3rd in command to the entire Organisation. Kyoshi Klus also teaches Karate & Kickboxing to hundreds of children and adults each week in Sama Worthing, and has done so for over 35 years.

Sama Surrey Instructors

Sensei Paula Hersey 3rd dan

Sama Organisation Assistant Chief Instructor  Shihan David Jacobs 7th Dan.

Shihan Jacobs, has now been training for over 45 years, and is now the Assistant Chief Instructor to the Organisation. Shihan still lives and teaches children and adults in Sama Worthing and has done for over 35 years. Shihan is also the Instructor to Yondan Sketcher, Sama Surrey Senior Instructor, was taught and worked with Shihan Jacobs in Worthing for 8 years before teaching in the Sama Surrey area. Shihan grades and heads all of Sama West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire, and is also the founder of the Sama Tai Chi Chuan kung Fu System, Which Shihan Jacobs also holds the rank of Sifu 6th Degree.

Sama Surrey




The largest karate group in the UK
The largest kickboxing group in the UK
The largest after-school karate group in the UK


Sama Organisation Senior Instructor

Kyoshi Tim Klus 6th Dan.

Sama is an Officially Recognised Group

Member of F.E.K.O (federation of English Karate Organisations) - Member of F.I.K.O (federation of International Karate Organisations) - Member of F.M.A (federation of martial arts association)

FEKO is in direct membership to: Karate England (The English Karate Governing body) - W.K.C (World Karate Confederation)
W.U.K.O (World Union of Karate-Do Organisation)

Recognised by Sport England
SAMA is an approved youth group and are examiners of the GCSE under karate, Endorsed NSPCC/CPSU child protection policy. Registered legal supporter for Charge for life

Sama Organisation is Fully Insured

With 5 million pounds liability, 2 million pounds instructor indemnity and member to member insurance

About us


the SAMA Organisation

 Is now the largest individual Martial Arts club in the U.K, with 10000 members training weekly in Karate, Kickboxing. First established by our Chief Instructor Hanshi Alan Gibson 8th Dan in 1978 in Brighton, Sama, over the years has expanded more and more through Sussex and out to Hampshire, Surrey, Kent and Dorset. The Sama Organisation is made up of over 75 professional full time and part time Karate Instructors both Male and Female, that teach thousands of children and adults each week in Schools, Community Halls and Leisure Centres across the South.
SAMA has no affiliations we are a pure pedigree martial arts group

Sempei Vincent Hargroves 2nd Dan

Sempei Hargroves has been training with the Sama Organisation for over 18 years & teaches Karate & Kickboxing in the Surrey area. He is also a black belt in Tai Chi Chuan kung fu.

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About Us

Sama Organisation Chief Instructor 

Hanshi Alan Gibson 8th Dan

Sensei Hersey has been training with the Sama Organisation for over 27 years & Teaches Karate & Tai Chi Chuan Kung Fu in the Surrey area. She is also Black belt in Kickboxing.

Yondan Sketcher has been training for over 30 years with the Sama Organisation & teaches Karate & Kickboxing to hundreds of adults & children every week. He is also 2nd Dan Black belt in Tai Chi Chuan Kung Fu.

The Chief Instructor - Hanshi Alan Gibson 8th Dan

Area Senior instructor

Yondan Sensei Richard Sketcher 4th Dan.

The Founder And Chief Instructor Of The Sama Organisation Is Hanshi Alan Gibson. 8th Dan. With over 60 Years Of experience, Hanshi is the Head Of the Sama Organisation. To Read more about Hanshi Gibson and the history of The Sama Organisation check out