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So why not come along and give it a try, you'll find it's a great,great workout

that will send you away buzzing.

Training is done to energising music.

How much will it cost

Sama Organisation has a PAY-AS-YOU-GO policy
That means you only pay when you Train
No Monthly Direct Debit Schemes or long contracts.
You only pay when you train

10-16 Years £5.00
Adults £6.00 per lesson

The sport of Kickboxing first originated in early 1970's from America by a group of karate practitioners known as the P.K.A. (professional karate association). The PKA created the first organised professional Kickboxing association the world then known as "full contact karate". Kickboxing was created by a group who was disillusioned with the traditional martial arts like karate, they wanted to experience full contact bouts fought to the knockout. In some earlier tournaments the rules were unclear with no clear weight divisions. A good example of this was a match between a very young Benny the Jet Urquidez who weighing only ten stone, beat fourteen stone Dana Goodson by pinning Goodson to the canvas for more than ten seconds, the rules at the time allowed this!. The development of specialised protective equipment and regulation came from a new controlling body within the PKA. Later on they set a defined set of rules and clear weight divisions. Kicks only scored if theylanded above the waist, kicking below the waist was considered a foul. The first ever full contact World championships were held in 1974 in Los Angeles. The bout was on mats (no ring). It was only till late 1970 that kickboxing moved into the ring. The first World champions in this sport were Jeff Smith, Isuena Duenas, Joe Lewis & Bill Wallace. Some of these great fighters became kickboxing legends. Later on during  the middle 1970's kickboxing was introduced to Europe by the PKA.

A German called George Brukner created the first European amateur organisation named WAKO which later switched to an Italian Ennio Falsoni. Later WAKO became as strong as the PKA. They are now many  kickboxing organisations around the World.


So why not come along and give it a try, you'll find it's a great, great workout
that will send you away buzzing. Training is done to energising music.

Ladies Kickboxing Is Very Popular, As The Programme Includes
Stamina and Stomach Toning Exercises.

Classes are friendly with a great social atmosphere
Our classes are a total body NON CONTACT workout to HIGH energising music

BEAT Stress - BLITZ Flab


About the founder

The founder of the American Kickboxing Academy is Hanshi Alan Gibson 8th Dan, Head of the Sama Organisation.Hanshi was involved in kickboxing at the very beginning in the mid to late 1970s when Kickboxing was first introduced into Britain and was a licensed fighter, coach referee and official within the P.K.A. Throughout his many years in Kickboxing he has met and trained with many world famous and international stars of the Kickboxing ring. Alan himself has trained one. World Champion, two European Champions, four British Champions and one English Champion and many other top. fighters. Picked as one of the official coaches to train and represent the Great British Kickboxing Team to fight against. Holland in Amsterdam. Also chosen by the P.K.A. to act as their chief referee at the British Heavyweight championships held in Newcastle,and one of the first in Britain to introduce a grade system, uniform and music into Kickboxing training.

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About your training

Kickboxing is what it says, boxing with your hands, with the exception of the added spinning fists (not allowed in some tournaments) and kicks from karate. Your training is based on a progressive developed grading system through to black belt. You can also acquire coach qualification. Training lasts one hour, and consists of usually two minute rounds of skipping, exercise, stretching, impact work on - focus pads for punches, kicking practice on shields, shadow sparring and stamina with rests between rounds. To help motivation and timing energising music is played for each round.

It's Your Choice.

So Many People Take Up Kickboxing For Different Reasons.

Why Not come along and try it.

The American kick boxing academy is under the direct rule of the Sama Organisation.
Most of our instructors are full time professionals.
Sama Organisation runs Kickboxing clubs all over the south